The Rationale

originally developed BoogerWillie as a good generic term to use to attract any male creature in the area when you can’t think of his proper name at the moment. Dogs all seem to respond to it, my son answers to it, nobody’s tried it on me, but it would probably work.

It’s much easier than trying to go through a long list of names in your head in hopes of reaching the correct name before the person in question walks out of the room, and it’s much more intelligent than sputtering first syllables of wrong names until you get it right (“Bub-Rip-Spa-MURPHY!”)

It’s the moral equivalent of the term “Sweetie” for a female, but it doesn’t mean “Idiot” as “Sweetie” sometimes does, it’s probaly not considered sexist and it probably won’t get you punched out when the person in question realizes it means you have no idea what his actual proper name is.

If you have multiple dogs or sons in the house, why learn all their individual names, when just one universal term directed at the one currently in the way will do?

That’s the beauty of BoogerWillie!Make your life easier, shorten your address book, stop straining your memory to find a name.

Just use BoogerWillie from now on.

Will you call your friends BoogerWillie?

Start a trend, be original, use the BoogerWillie brand wherever you go.​