About Gilhooligans

Gilhooligans International

For the bar in Portland, please visit www.gilhooligans.com. (Always check your domains.)

Someone who shall remain nameless and who really should know better than to encourage me (thanks, Bill!) branded me as a Gilhooligan when he needed a company name for a project at work. I found this term quite funny, since nobody had ever considered calling me that before, which I find a bit hard to believe, but so it goes. I also realized that was the one thing missing in my life – a brand.

I already have gilhooly.org for the worldwide family stuff, Kevin’s Pub for the virtual pub from ages ago, eighteenknots.com for the (really expensive) hobby (and part-time travel agency), and too many memorial sites to count, but all we really needed for all of them was gilhooligans.org. I think it sums it up.

Then, in a completely random (separate) occurrence, my son used #gilhooligans as a hashtag when quoting my grandkids, which only seems appropriate, especially given the specific quotes. (Wills are being updated.)

Here we are.  Thanks, Bill!

Kevin Gilhooly
Head Gilhooligan
Dallas, TX