The Scribes

Coemgenus (The Scribe)

Coemgenus welcomed each of the Three Elders into his home as they arrived at his door. As a freed slave, he had dealt with the issues that each had faced in their journey that brought them to him.

Once the Three Elders were under the same roof, Coemgenus helped nurture their discussions, to learn from them and their experiences. After he had listened to their discussions for a while, he began to take notes on their daily conversations, and these notes later became the basis for the Book of The Three Elders.

​He wrote a book on the commentaries of each of the Three Elders. The movement was eventually named Spribu. The Books of The Three Elders collected stories, fables, and the personal beliefs of each of the Three Elders.

​There was only one copy of the book made, and it has been lost to time. However, some of the individual chapters have survived in rough form, and those are available to study today.

A Note on this Translation

This translation of the Books of Spribu was prepared and posted online by the Rev. Kevin John Gilhooly, a minister of the Universal Life Church.

Kevin notes that at the time of the original writing, he had three dogs, Sparky, Ripley and Bubba. It is probably a coincidence that their names map to the Three Elders, as very few people would have the sense to take life lessons from their pets.

​However, the next time you realize that you’re having a bad day, and your dog rarely has one, perhaps you should look at how he spends his time and adjust your thinking accordingly.