The Three Elders


Sparcus (the Explorer) was the most inquisitive of the Three Elders. His sign is the compass. His motto was “Out! Out!” as his goal was to always be moving forward, to explore whatever lay beyond his current sight.

While others would caution him, Sparcus would press onward, as he was convinced that there was always knowledge to be gained by exploration.

Sparcus was known for traveling across the Empire, usually long distances at one stretch. He would often lead others in missions of exploration, and generally would not plan ahead, as the journey was the reward for him – he was not going anywhere in particular, he wanted to travel and experience all that he possibly could.

At an early age, Sparcus was rejected by his parents, who did not appreciate his traveling, and expected him to stay home to tend the fields. When this happened, he left and wandered across the Empire until he met Coemgenus, who tolerated his practices and accepted him into his home. He became close friends with Riplius, although he and Bubbus would have loud arguments from time to time.

Because he left his home so early in life, very little is known about his formative years.


Riplius (the Meditator) was the most meditative of the Three Elders. His motto was “Meditate, that you should find meaning.” His symbol is the mat, a small bed for meditation.

Riplius would meditate for hours, and often the other Elders would have to go find him and remind him to eat!

He was also the mediator between the others, stepping in before struggles got out of hand.

​Riplius was known throughout the Empire for his ability to meditate. He would remain motionless for hours while contemplating deep questions of philosophy. He enjoyed his time of contemplation, and would often only break for meals.

Riplius was abandoned as a small child, and wandered from home to home, looking for someone to care for him.

​While many would grant him lodging for a short time, he was almost grown before he found Coemgenus, who would take him in as a permanent member of his family.

​He became the mediator between Bubbus and Sparcus, and would also try to help each improve themselves through gentle prodding and suggestion.


Bubbus (the Protector) was the nominal leader of the Three Elders, although his leadership was questioned from time to time by the rest of the group. His motto was “Protect what is yours.” His symbol is the lock.

​Bubbus was interested in the metaphysical concepts of ‘possession’, often arguing for hours with Sparcus about ownership and possessions, and how goods should be distributed for the common good.

It is said he would only eat behind locked doors, so no-one else could sample from his plate.

Bubbus was brave, yet he was also very cautious. He would never allow himself to be the first at anything. He avoided danger by always following someone who would “test the waters” before he entered. One of his favorite sayings was “There are more memorials to the brave than to the cautious.”

Bubbus was sold into the slave trade as a young boy, and moved half-way across the Empire. Coemgenus adopted him to grant him his freedom, and welcomed him into his home. He was there when Riplius and Sparcus joined the household, and became the nominal leader of the Three Elders.

Riplius accepted his leadership, but Sparcus sometimes would forget that he was not in charge. It was up to Riplius to mediate these arguments.