Planet Gilhooly

Welcome to Planet Gilhooly!

This site is dedicated to Gilhooly family members worldwide. I have been collecting people and places to display here on the site for quite a while, but it has been very dependent on people stumbling across the site, or stumbling across – which is the family name domain. This is a continuation / replacement of the original Domino database I had built years ago – hopefully, the new model will allow people to self-register, since I have been hopelessly behind on updating the maps.

Well, after 300 spam registrations in eight hours, I guess I’m going to do it manually, The world is filled with annoying people. So, self-registration is turned off for now.

This was a domain I registered with high hopes. I was going to find all my relatives! I was going to map the migration from Eire to the rest of the world! I was going to unite the family!


The original intent of the site was to create a Gilhooly family tree, but I got really lost on the genealogy, and one of my (distant, I suppose) cousins started a business to do genealogy, so I will defer to her on that. Here’s her Facebook page – I couldn’t find a link to her business site. I’m sure when the thousands of clicks from here end up on Facebook, she’ll let me know to update this link.

The next intent was to create a map of where people are located to see the migration of the family name. That is actually working, but I need to recreate the maps from the Domino database to whatever WordPress uses. So, some time will be required. I have all the old data, so I just need to migrate it over.

I think I can create people email addresses, but I have to check what limitations are involved. So, consider that pending.

Kevin Gilhooly
Dallas, Texas