The Texas & Ohio Railroad

The Texas & Ohio Railroad (the Cedarville Line) originally was an extension to the original TX&NJ Jersey Line that traveled eight hundred seventy or so miles North from Dallas to Cedarville, Ohio. It was built to provide deliveries of Italian food and Whataburger supplies for customers who demanded specialities not easily available in the local area. The line was later rerouted through Arkansas and Kentucky to avoid the hills in Tennessee. This is the route on the map.  The Texas & Ohio also had a short spur off the Northern Line to serve Cedarville from Springfield, Ohio. Springfield and Nashville were interchange points for the two railroads.

The two lines of the Texas & Ohio ran over the existing Texas & New Jersey lines, since both lines overlapped with existing trackage. The rerouted portion was built from West Memphis via Blytheville to Cedarville, and a spur line was constructed from Springfield to Cedarville.

Traffic on the Texas & Ohio was often run as a loop from Dallas, using the Cedarville Line traveling northeast and the Northern Line going southwest.