Accidents and Incidents

There have (thankfully) been few incidents on the Texas & New Jersey, and the only thing they have in common is that my little brother was involved.

Coastal Line

There was an incident on the Coastal Line while my brother (as engineer) and Mom (as conductor) were Southbound to Houston to attend my cousin’s daughter’s wedding. My wife and I were not invited, because my cousin loves us, so we got to skip the trip. (Needless to say, I was crushed to miss a wedding.) This was the first accident in the history of the railroad – my brother had a flat tire on the way, canceled the trip, and returned to Dallas. So, that was the only trip that was canceled. So, trains don’t have tires. Point, trains.

Texas Central

There was an incident on the Texas Central while my brother and Mom were Southbound to D’Hanis. They suffered another flat, which caused a delay in the trip, but not a cancelation.

We are concerned about maintenance on my brother’s rolling stock.