Lucy Veccia (1926-2012)

Lucy Veccia was born in New York City on March 10, 1926 and passed away in Naples, Florida on December 20, 2012. She will be missed by her family and her many friends from all over the US.

She had lived in Naples for over 35 years, and she still considered it paradise.

Aunt Lucy was a business woman at a time when most women did not have careers. She actually had two successful careers – her beauty parlors in New York and New Jersey and real estate in Florida, and only retired three years ago.

During World War II, she worked at a factory that made binoculars for the soldiers, and she received a citation for her efforts.

She loved animals and never hesitated to help one in need.

While she did not have children of her own, she was a second mother to many. She could always be counted on to listen without judgement and give good advice. She loved her family deeply and she tried to keep all of them connected, and she tried to preserve our family history for future generations.

She was extremely generous to not only her family, but to friends and acquaintances, too

She loved to order food from New York, especially Zabar’s, and New York specialties were a frequent Christmas gift from her. She loved fruitcake, Panettone, and Stollen. Pignoli cookies were a favorite, too. (She also loved Heineken beer and Limoncello).

She loved to make crafts, but especially macaroni angels.

She loved Zydeco music, New Orleans, and spicy food.

She watched Suze Orman, and advised people to watch and follow Suze’s financial advice.

She dreamed of going to Italy and living here for a few months. Sadly, that dream went unrealized.