About Your Bartender

Your Bartender (and owner)

My name is Kevin John Gilhooly. I live in Dallas, Texas and have been here most of my life. My resume is available online in any number of places and formats, just Google me.

I have been a computer programmer / systems programmer / consultant / presales software engineer / team lead since 1982. Let’s just say I’ve spent my entire professional life around computers. This gave me the motivation to create websites before creating websites was fashionable (the first version of this site was in 1994 or so.) It also gives me the desire to get the hell away from computers and do something useful with my life, like running a pub.

Unfortunately, I don’t have the money to purchase a pub, so this will have to do. Just remember, your bartender is a lot like your computer analyst or your priest. They will all listen carefully to your problems, give advice on how to solve them and charge you some money (or expect a donation.) With a bartender, at least you can get a drink.

Next up, I will explain the reasons the Pubs are located where they are. This may take a while.