Graham’s Bistro

I did actually have one offer to purchase the Kevin’s Pub empire, but I’m not sure it was serious, because Graham was drunk at the time.

I met Graham Gnome just before one of our cruises and he decided to go along with us, and he’s been following us ever since. I finally hired him to be the bartender and manager of Kevin’s Pub D’Hanis, in case it ever actually opened.

His million-dollar idea was converting all the pubs to his Graham’s Bistro concept, which he said would be a “friendly, family location for dinner, drinks and camaraderie.” WTF? Who says “camaraderie” any more? Also, it’s hard to covert pubs that don’t exist into bistros.

Needless to say, I did not sell. He has not opened any Graham’s Bistros as far as I know. He does have a sign ready, just in case.