Kevin’s Pub Taipei would be a small pub, with a unique method of gathering potential customers.

Taipei hotels have an interesting service that should be universal – when you leave the hotel, and the bellman calls you a cab, he hands you a business card. On one side, is the contact information for the hotel in English. The other side has the same information (I assume) in Chinese. So,when you are ready to leave the office, and you realize you have no idea where you are sleeping, you just bow and hand the card to any taxi driver, and he takes you back to the hotel.

So, here’s my marketing plan – print up a bunch of cards with a hotel address in English and the Pub address in Chinese, and bribe the bellman.

Taipei is the only place I’ve ever stayed where I had to book the hotel on a third-party site because the IBM travel agent couldn’t find me a hotel. I ended up on the suites floor and nobody could bitch about the charges, because I had to go. The bathtub had rubber ducks, with a note around their necks that said you could take them home.

Rubber ducks and cards to get you back to the hotel. Genius.

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