Kevin’s Pub Cozumel would be the one overseas location where my wife would go instantly. Not to the pub, to Cozumel. Cozumel is a port stop on pretty much every Western Caribbean cruise, so it’s easy to get there, even if you’re afraid of flying. We’ve been there a lot.

Cozumel is in Mexico, but it is tourist-driven, so you might not know, especially if you stay in town. People speak English. They take American dollars. They voted to change their time zone to make it easier for tourists from the US East Coast. That’s commitment.

The challenge with a pub in Cozumel is the sheer number of bars already in place. Even the best tourist trap stores have bars. This is a miraculous idea. My wife can spend two or three paychecks at Los Cinco Soles, and I can be at Pancho’s Backyard, enjoying margaritas and chips and salsa. Enough margaritas, and I almost don’t mind the amount she spends. Almost.

So, the goal would be to have Kevin’s Pub between the port and the shopping area. Of course, there are multiple ports and shopping areas, so it requires a good guess on traffic or multiple locations in the city.

Between a ship and shopping is where husbands try to distract their wives on the way to the stores and want to stop and drown their sorrows on the way back. Money.


Kevin’s Pub D’Hanis may be easy to miss since the town is easy to miss. It will probably be the only pub with barbeque.

D’Hanis is my Mom’s home town, a place I spent a lot of time visiting while I was growing up, and a place I would put a Pub just so I would have a reason to visit more often.

It is a dot on the map, out Highway 90 about 50 miles or so west of San Antonio. The 2010 Census said there were 847 people in town. It probably has not grown exponentially.

It’s one of those towns that’s easy to blink and miss. However, you really should stop at the Country Mart and get some sausage on your way through.

Kevin’s Pub D’Hanis would have two constituencies – the locals and the hunters who are only there part of the year. Hunters would probably rather have booze they could take back to their hunting camps than booze they could drink at the bar. That could be an issue.

However, there is more commerce in town than there used to be, so this may be a good time for a pub, so you don’t have to go to the steakhouse to get a drink.