Kevin’s Pub Amesbury would be the gateway to Stonehenge. I love Stonehenge. It is a very spiritual place – I go there to get centered, so it is unfortunate that I live so far away.

The first time I visited by myself, I took the train up from London, because I didn’t want to spend the money for a tour or be up at the ungodly hour they wanted to depart (or go to Bath, which always seems to be a co-destination.)

So, I found a train schedule, found the station, got a ticket, and away I went.

I did get to Amesbury a bit late, but still in time for the last tour. I bought my ticket, got on the double-decker bus, and the tour guide said I would have better views upstairs, so I climbed up to the top deck.

A few minutes later, she came up, and said, “I guess it’s just us” and away we went.

Business was quite different in the 1980s. I really can’t imagine someone today taking a tour guide, a driver and a double-decker bus out for one passenger.

At the monument, the tour was hilarious, because I had my own tour guide and she was explaining away. What most people saw was a guy nodding his head and saying, “Uh-huh”, while a woman went on and on. I think a few people just assumed we were married, because they starting asking my guide questions. She finally sent them back to their own guides.

Then, out came the divining rods. Now, thirty people with divining rods look like tourists. Two look like a strange cult, or maybe a suicide pact. At that point, nobody asked her any more questions.

Yes, the rod did move. It was very spooky.

It was the best tour of my life.

I love Stonehenge.

Taken on a later trip.

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