Kevin’s Pub Cedarville would be a pop-up location. Actually, it would be more of a speakeasy – hidden inside the hotel. (I can say “the hotel”, since there is only one in town, like “the gas station” and “the pizza place.”)

Cedarville, Ohio is the home of Cedarville University, which is where my kids teach. (Yes, my son and daughter-in-law are both teaching at the university.) As a Baptist university, there doesn’t seem to be much call for a local watering hole, although there are at least two coffee shops, and they’re adding a Chick-fil-A on campus.

So, any pub would be undercover or at least very subdued. Say, like a doting son and his mother splitting a bottle of Chardonnay in front of the fire at the hotel. (That would be my brother, I detest Chardonnay.)

This would be the pub with the lowest sales in the chain, for obvious reasons.

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