Kevin’s Pub Budapest was the first location behind the (former) Iron Curtain. It is a city I always wanted to visit, because many of the teachers at my prep school (good ol’ Cistercian Preparatory School in Irving) were actually Hungarian refugees. Once you’ve seen a filmstrip of your Headmaster staring down a Russian tank, you think twice about misbehaving (or getting caught.)

Budapest is actually two cities divided by the Danube, Buda and Pest. I’m never sure which one I’m in because I didn’t do very well in geography. I do know that when I was there on business, I was with some other IBMers who were not Hungarian, but lived closer to Hungary than I did, and they got lost and ended up in Pest, instead of Buda (or vice versa.) Let’s just say we were on one side of the Danube and our hotel was on the other. It was a long night.

It’s a beautiful city.

Kevin’s Pub Budapest would be a haven for all the older Americans whose river cruises start or end in the city, assuming the river levels let them get there.

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